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          art + stories of transformation

My art captures poignant moments of the hero’s journey           

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Hi, I’m Susan Snipes

I am an artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. I am an explorer of art making and storytelling.  I paint about transformational journeys of self-discovery and finding the way home. more about me
juried exhibition          

49th Annual Juried Art Exhibition

06.NOV.2020 ︎︎︎ 16.DEC.2020

My painting “Platform between realms” was accepted into the 49th Annual Juried Art Exhibition at Valley Art Center. The exhibition features works of  northeast Ohio artists.  

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current collection          

otherworldly journeys


A collection of works that fuse the material and immaterial worlds to capture the otherworldiness of poignant moments of the hero’s journey.

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flash fiction          

short stories + art


Mixed media leads to experimentation – as does this collection of short fiction and small works of collage and mixed media. First, I come up with a story concept and then I create a piece of art.

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