Portrait of Susan Snipes in front of a brick wall

I created my own path
and I hope to inspire you to follow yours.

Live your unique vision of success

I'm a creative visionary. This tiny showcase is a glimpse of my art, design and writing. I believe in simplicity, sustainability, optimization, connection, and appreciation. I have a natural curiosity and penchant to improve what I see around me. I’m a pattern finder, optimizer, and I advocate for inclusion in technology.

I’m a seasoned business owner, team leader, web technologist, and visual designer. I founded and led the innovative web company Q Digital Studio for 12 years. I followed the path to create a team culture of flexibility and mentorship. We brought simplicity and clarity to technology for our clients. Over the years, I had the privilege to work with many amazing clients like Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, City and County of Denver, Bud Werner Memorial Library (Steamboat Springs), 8z Real Estate, National Honey Board, and Colorado Water Trust. Currently, I do UX consulting through my company UX Within Reach. I infuse functionality, business, and marketing expertise into websites and web applications.

Notes from the Creative Path

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Original Paintings by Susan Snipes


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