Step into here step into now

step into here step into now

Footage and audio recorded in northeast Ohio in 2022

"step into here step into now" invites viewers to immerse themselves in an abstract view of the natural environment and center themselves in the embodied human experience. Shot entirely with an iPhone 11 Pro, the three-minute and twenty-seven-second piece transports us into a multi-layered world to observe the steadfastness of trees and the passage of time in a natural environment mingled with human presence.  

In this moving image collage, familiarity fades, blurring the differentiation between intellectual awareness and sensory perception. Environmental sounds – the rustle of leaves in the wind, the chirps of birds, the hum of cars, and the laughter of children playing – draw us deeper into the immersive experience. We witness the transformation of trees across seasons, symbolizing the cycle of life and the passage of time. Rhythmic footsteps underscore the audio, symbolizing each person’s own embodied journey.

"step into here, step into now" is an invitation to embrace the present moment. It encourages viewers step into the ever-present now.
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