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otherworldly journeys


I fuse the material and immaterial worlds to capture the otherworldiness of poignant moments of the hero’s journey.

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Flash Fiction          

Short stories + art


Mixed media leads to experimentation – as does this collection of short fiction and small works of collage and mixed media. First, I come up with a story concept and then I create a piece of art.

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beyond imposter syndrome


This series is an exploration of the ways I seek to move beyond imposter syndrome, that pesky feeling of being not enough or revealed as a fraud. 

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20x Art Challenge          

Gemstones and minerals studies

JANUARY ︎︎︎ JUNE 2020

In January 2020, I embarked upon an art challenge: draw or paint on some subject matter 20x. My first subjects were gemstones and minerals. I wanted to understand and represent the color, textures, light, and reflections in raw gemstones, crystals, and minerals.

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