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I created this series in response to being stuck while learning something new. I had been forcing art out of me based on what I thought I “should” be doing with new materials (oil and cold wax medium). I paused, gave up control, and surrendered to what showed up on the page.

Are you working on a project with too much force? Can you step back, let go, and accept what is waiting to happen?


“Give up control” $95 (unframed) ︎ Add to Cart

“Asking” $95 (unframed) ︎ Add to Cart

“An opening” $95 (unframed) ︎ Add to Cart

“Surrender to what comes” $95 (unframed) ︎ Add to Cart

“Floodgates” $95 (unframed) ︎ Add to Cart

“Totally open” $95 (unframed) ︎ Add to Cart

Acceptance series
  • Oil and cold wax medium on Arches oil paper
  • All paintings are 9”x 12”, unframed

Add a frame - I can mat and frame any of these paintings for you.

Free shipping - within the continental US

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Acceptance series, by Susan Snipes, 2020

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