Proplyd as Embryo

This proplyd embryo grows in a beautiful cloud of gas and dust. Perhaps it will birth a planet or two.

©Susan Snipes
“Proplyd as Embryo”
Acrylic, gesso, paint marker on canvas
20 x 20 x 1.5 inches

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I have long been intrigued by the formation of planets. When researching planet creation, I discovered the term proplyd. A proplyd is a disk made of gas and dust that swirls around a young star. Proplyds have the potential to turn into one or more planets.

The organic globule near the center of this painting is a proplyd in a cosmic womb.

This painting exhibited in the show “Celestial Bodies” at Adrian Center for the Arts and received an Honorable Mention in May 2021. 

This painting is part of Susan’s solo exhibition “Potential Energy”.

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