Platform between realms

A moment exists in between time and space. This platform is a place to pause at that transition. 

©Susan Snipes
“Platform Between Realms”
Oil and cold wax medium on canvas
24 x 36 x 1.75 inches

One morning in late winter, I visited Lake Erie after an ice storm. The early sun was bright and beamed low in the sky. Floating ice chunks were melting out near the horizon, ice clung to every rock and shrub. Long icicles hung off the pier. The lake was calm and the colors were rich and deep. I walked to the end of the long pier. The sun was bright and the air was cold. I was surrounded by water and I was alone. I felt like I was at edge of the world. A moment that was both mysterious and transitory. In a few minutes the last ice chunks melted. I walked back down the length of the pier to return to land.

This painting exhibited in the 49th Annual Juried Art Exhibit at Valley Art Center in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

This painting is on exhibit at Hoyt Art Center in New Castle, Pennsylvania from April 13-June 24, 2021, juried by Elaine A. King. The painting received a Merit Award.

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